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The Effect of the Coronavirus Crisis on Employment in Jerusalem
The Effect of the Coronavirus Crisis on Employment in Jerusalem
15% of the total number of workers on unpaid leave reside in Jerusalem. However, in East Jerusalem, workers employed in the territories administered by the Palestinian Authority are now unable to work...
Workers during Coronavirus Times
approximately 26% Employees can work from home, and about 21% are currently doing so. In construction and commerce, the percentage is obviously lower, at 5.8% and 4.6%, respectively. In the high-tech ...
Jerusalem – Holiness in the shadow of the Coronavirus
The most distinctive feature of Jerusalem, which has shaped the city more than any other factor in its history, is its holiness to the major monotheistic religions. Among the city’s holy sites, ...
Coronavirus Domestic Isolation
The number of people in domestic isolation is declining in the last few days, as is the gap between rich and poor localities in terms of isolates per 1,000 residents. ...
Exposure to Coronavirus in Israel
The third Cholera epidemic that hit the world in the mid-19th century struck the city of London hard. A doctor named John Snow created a map of Cholera cases in the city, and through it managed to conclude that the disease was transmitted through contaminated water, and to identify the…