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    The Digital Archive of the Jerusalem Institute will be opened for review in the coming months

    Since its inception, the Jerusalem Institute has accumulated valuable archival materials about the history of Jerusalem and subjects relating to the planning of Jerusalem and its vicinity. These materials are a unique treasure that serves as the organizational memory of the Jerusalem planning system. Among other things, they include committee reports, planning documents, and rare documents that reflect the history of the city and the numerous planning activities; a collection of newspaper clippings about the various aspects of daily life in the city in the past 50 years; books and pamphlets dealing with the past, present, and future of Jerusalem, including rare books that cannot be found in other libraries in Jerusalem or anywhere else. You are welcome to roam and tour the treasures that we have preserved for you.

    In the coming months, the digital archive will be opened for review, and we will invite visitors to explore the treasures we have for the public. 

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