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    Data – The Basis for Policymakers’ Work

    The foundation of policy is relevant, reliable, and up-to-date statistical data. Decision-makers in public, local, and national sectors rely on this information to carefully plan their activities and create policies with optimal chances of success. The challenge of pooling information and interpreting it is a significant one, which many decision-makers need to tackle. 

    These days, nearly anyone can enjoy broad access to statistical data distributed by various entities such as the Central Bureau of Statistics, the National Insurance Institute, local municipalities, and others. Precisely in this era, there is great importance to “create order” in data, to distinguish between the consequential and secondary information, and between reliable and non-reliable pieces of information.

    Why the Jerusalem Institute?

    The Jerusalem Institute has extensive experience in collecting, analyzing and presenting data, and in making it accessible. The professional team leading the Institute’s data work has broad experience with government ministries and local authorities. The Jerusalem Municipality has been working closely and relying on the Institute’s data, especially the Jerusalem Statistical Yearbook, published by the Institute since its inception. The team has access to a variety of data with an in-depth understanding of their meanings, which allows them to suggest and match the most relevant data for analysis according to costumers’ needs.

    The team specializes in more than just Jerusalem data: our researchers consciously aim to make information available to the public, mainly through our Data Blog- the Weekly Statistical Columb. The team also specializes in population and social data, construction, education, and more.

    Personal Attention

    The Jerusalem Institute is unique in that, in addition to data collection, analysis, and accessible results, maximum attention is paid to the utilization of the research process for the benefit of the client. At the preliminary stage, we help define and outline needs and goals in the context of data. At the end of the project, we propose and facilitate discussion sessions with the commissioning teams, where we clarify the data and insights that arise from them.

    Our Customers

    The target audience for our analysis work is diverse, including academics, planners, and strategic units. Authorities and bodies that have been assisted by the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research over the years, include the Ministry of Interior, Tel Aviv Municipality, Israeli Police, the Jerusalem Transportation Master Plan, the Beit Shemesh Municipality, as well as local Jerusalem bodies such as community centers.

     Recent work in which the team was involved, includes: conducting a Jerusalem population forecast for the Jerusalem Transportation Master Plan, performing analyses within the Jerusalem District Planning Project for the Ministry of Housing, and data analyzation for various community administrations.

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    Data Analysis for the General Public

    As part of the Institute’s role as an infrastructure enhancer for informed decision-making and discussion, the Institute publishes data analyses aimed at the general public.

    These analyses are used by journalists, published in the media, and are available for each article mainly on the following channels:

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