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    Dr. Marik Shtern

    Former Researcher

    Dr. Marik Shtern

    Former Researcher

    Dr. Marik Shtern worked as a researcher at the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research for about 10 years, finishing his role in the end of 2023. He has earned his doctoral degree from the Department of Politics and Government at Ben Gurion University.

    Shtern dealt with the political geography of divided cities and Jerusalem in particular, focusing on the way in which political power relations shape daily life and create differentiation and integration in space. He is also interested in the interaction between religion, civil society, and local politics.

    Areas Of Expertise

    • East Jerusalem
    • Governance
    • Population and Society
    • Strategic Planning
    • Urabn Geography

    Vocational Training: A Tool for Employment Integration of East Jerusalem Residents

    Pub No. 491

    2018 | Authors: Dr. Marik Shtern, Israel (Lulik) Kimhi, Ahmed Asma...

    Civil Society in Jerusalem -Methodical Research and Mapping

    Pub No. 487

    2018 | Authors: Dr. Marik Shtern, Lior Regev, Erela Hazan-Ganan...