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    Fellows Programs

    Several Popular Israeli and Global Fellows Programs

    1994 - Present
    Research Type: Training and Forums

    The Milken Innovation Center of the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research operates several popular Israeli and global fellows programs:

    The Milken Fellows Program:

    This is the leading fellowship program in Israel in the field of finance and economics. The goal of the program is to train skilled workers for the public sector. The ten-month long program matches fellows with various government ministries, where they intern four days a week. On the fifth day, they write an applied research study that is coordinated with the ministry where they intern and the Milken Innovation Center, with the guidance and support of research supervisors.

    Applied Research

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    The Graduates Program:

    The program’s graduates serve in leading roles in government, the third sector, the academy, private financial services, and industry. The Graduates Program is under constant development, aimed at adding social media content, networking, and enrichment for its graduates. Graduates currently meet annually, which facilitates networking among them and also provides enrichment through relevant panels, lectures, and workshops. In the future, the program is expected to conduct several annual conferences.

    'Blum' Global Fellows:

    'Blum' Global fellows come from developing economies with an emphasis on African nations. Fellows are at an early stage in their career and come to Israel for eight-month placements in organizations and institutions engaged in economic and technological development. This first part consists of training, placement in an organization, and writing a report by the fellows. Fellows also work on developing projects for the second part of their training, which occurs when they return to their countries of origin and implement their projects.

    Biographies and Main Outputs

    Google Policy Fellowship:

    This program offers university graduates a scholarship to research Internet and technology policy, with the goal of developing the market for new infrastructure, technologies, and practices. In the framework of this program, one fellow joined the Milken Innovation Center in 2019. The internship is for six months, with the guidance and supervision of the Milken Center’s team. The goal is for the fellow to identify opportunities for financing and innovation that will improve digital abilities and address challenges related to Internet policy such as privacy issues, information security, and censorship.