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     Strategy and Policy – the Jerusalem Institute at Your Service

    Public bodies are required to present holistic solutions to complex challenges – from the need to provide adequate physical infrastructure in a given area; to reducing social, cultural, and economic disparities; to creating structural and spatial improvements that produce regional, urban, and environmental development.

    In order to provide optimal solutions to these challenges, authorities should formulate and uniformly implement comprehensive, applicable, and consistent policies and strategies. Such work includes formulating an encompassing vision and goals, strategic planning, building budgets, forging partnerships, and creating plans of action. Partnering with external parties that are strategy and policy consultants makes it easier for public bodies to perform their work.

    Why  choose the Jerusalem Institute?

    Research-based policy recommendations form the core of the Jerusalem Institute’s activities. The Institute specializes in strategic consulting for the public sector, which has developed over 40 years through planning, strategy work, and writing policy documents. The Institute prides itself on its reputation as a reliable, professional, and research-based body that is an address for municipal and political decision-makers. The Institute is a non-profit organization, driven by its goal of acting for the common good.

    The Jerusalem Institute – a Unique Expert

    The Jerusalem Institute is a unique expert in the public action map: it stands on the rare seam between academia and consulting firms. The Institute’s research addresses specific issues and aims to provide a comprehensive and professional picture of the issues being investigated. Our researchers consider the commissioners to be partners in the process, and the written products are aimed at the day after the publication—research for action. The Institute provides operative and applied research for issues government agencies are challenged by. Our research has an impact on decision-making processes and agenda-setting.


    Strategic Consulting and Planning – Our Experience

    Over the years, the Institute has coordinated many multidisciplinary teams, dealing with social, urban, environmental, and economic issues, bringing about policy changes and informed decisions:

    Today, the Institute is, among other things, accompanying the implementation of Government Decision 3790 with a series of extensive research projects, the Dead Sea Project 2070, and promoting decision making towards enhancing the accessibility of the National Government Compound. Click for more information on the achievements of the Jerusalem Institute and its impact.


    Strategic Consulting and Planning – Possible Actions

    The Jerusalem Institute reserves the right to select projects and execute them according to its values ​​and the values ​​of its researchers. The projects are commissioned by external parties from the government, local authorities, or philanthropic foundations.

    The types of work that can be undertaken by the Institute include:

    • Strategic Research – Consultation on writing strategic papers or formulating them for the client.
    • Policy Documents – Perform in-depth research on transverse/thematic issues and assist in policy planning, including Literary Reviews, mapping, scenario analysis and alternatives, and the publication of applicable policy recommendations.
    • Participation in preparing master plans.
    • Quick Policy Documents – Based on available Institute’s knowledge, in response to short noticed policymakers needs. These may include policy papers topics that arise from the media and public debate.
    • Quick Background Documents – A broad contextual description of issues that are on the agenda of policymakers and decision-makers.
    • Accompaniment and advice in professional committees and forums, according to researchers’ areas of expertise.

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