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    Statistical Data are the Foundation of Policy

    1982 - Present
    Research Type: Data Analysis

    Reliable, up-to-date, and relevant statistical data are the foundation of policy. The Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research has a broad database that it makes accessible to policy makers and the general public.

    The Statistical Yearbook of Jerusalem is the official source of statistical data about Jerusalem.

    The Yearbook is a concentration of data about Jerusalem from a variety of sources, first and foremost among them the CBS and the Jerusalem Municipality. It has been published continuously since 1982 and is used constantly at the national, urban, and neighborhood levels, benefiting municipal workers, researchers, students, and all those interested in the city.

    The Yearbook contains tables and graphs with current data on territory, climate, population, migration, quality of life, employment, industry, services, construction, transportation, tourism, education, culture & sports, healthcare, welfare, communications, public order, religion, the municipal budget, and more. The Yearbook is translated into English and, from 2016 onwards, into Arabic as well. Beginning in 2017, the complete Yearbook was published in an online version only and, beginning in 2019, an abbreviated version of the Yearbook will be published in print in Hebrew and Arabic.

    Yearbook steering committee members: Israel Kimchi, Gershon Binet, Yehoshua Birotke, Olivia Blum, Prof. Sergio Della Pergola,
    Dr. Ahmad Halihal, Oren Heller, Nitza Kaliner Kasir, Ariella Rejwan, Gil Ribush, Pnina Tzedakah, Benjamin Weil, Avner Saadon.

    Jerusalem Facts and Trends has been published annually since 1995. It presents a concise and clear picture of the current trends in the city,  in a wide and diverse range of fields including population, employment, education, housing, tourism, and more.

    While the Yearbook consists primarily of data tables, Facts and Trends also has text that describes the situation and trends that are evident in the data. The Yearbook is also published in English and, in 2019, has been translated into Arabic for the first time.

    Statistical column and blog:

    Since 2007, the Institute has been publishing a weekly statistical column written by one of the researchers on a topic dear to their heart and emphasizing an angle that seems of interest to them. Consequently, the columns are very diverse but always present the data in the spirit of the aphorism, “Without data, you are just another person with an opinion.” The column is published in the local papers and also in the Institute’s blog. Columns have been published throughout the years in Kol Ha’ir, Zman Yerushalaim, and the Jerusalem Post supplement. They were initiated by Dr. Maya Choshen, which initially also wrote and edited the columns, with other editors taking her place later on. Currently Yair Asaf-Shapira edits the column and the blog. Writing about topics that are not necessarily connected to ongoing research gives the writers an opportunity to delve into data that they do not usually attend to or else find new sources of data.

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