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    The Jerusalem Institute’s Arabic Website is now live

    The Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research is Proud to Announce Its New Arabic-language Website

    The Arabic-language website is part of an intensive effort to express the Institute’s actions through a new website, which went live in June 2019, and according to the Institute’s strategic decision to make its content accessible to all people of the city.

    In its 40 years of activity, the Institute has released numerous publications on urbanism, sustainability, economic development, employment, and innovation. These publications appeared primarily in Hebrew and sometimes in English, depending on the issue, partners, and available resources. Publications in Arabic were scarce.

    The act of creating accessible content in Arabic includes translating much of the Institute’s publications. The executive summary of the urban sustainability project was recently uploaded to the website, and soon additional translations will be released, including for the following publications: ‘Residents, Not Citizens’, ‘The Employment Potential of  East Jerusalem Residents’, and the ‘2019 Jerusalem: Facts and Trends’ booklet. The 2019 Statistical Yearbook of Jerusalem is also being translated. The Yearbook in Arabic includes dozens of data tables for the use of Arabic-speaking policy makers, activists, and researchers. At the same time, the Institute’s researchers have further processed the data from the Hebrew-language Yearbook. Using the Tableau website, which specializes in data accessibility, the researchers Omer Yaniv, and Yair Assaf-Shapira have created a Hebrew-language collection of interactive tools with which to view data about East Jerusalem.

    In the recent decade, a significant portion of the Institute’s work has been dedicated to projects about East Jerusalem. In this context, the Institute published nine out of sixteen planned research mappings (in Hebrew)of the Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem. The Institute was involved in Government Decision 3790 regarding the reduction of socio-economic gaps and economic development in East Jerusalem, and was selected to accompany the implementation of the decision with research. In addition, the Institute deals extensively with issues regarding holy sites in Jerusalem, among those, first and foremost the Temple Mount.

    The Institute’s website in Arabic includes information about the Institute’s staff, research projects, publications, and additional materials that are relevant to researchers and the general public on the various topics that the Institute is engaged with.

    This move is being funded by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty, Ms. Cassie Arison, and the Jerusalem Foundation. The Institute wishes to thank them for their participation in this vision and their assistance in realizing it.

    The content manager of the Arabic-language website is the Institute researcher Tehila Bigman, acting under the guidance of the website manager, Erela Ganan. Quality assurance is being conducted by the Institute researcher Maliha Zugair.

    We invite you to visit the Arabic-language website, respond, and follow.