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    The Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research - A Bit About Us

    The Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research is where reality shapers turn to in order to promote and define policy issues in Israel in general and in Jerusalem in particular. The Institute’s activities and researches help institutions and bodies to shape and implement innovative and effective policy

    The Institute‘s work is geared towards the audience of decision-makers and policymakers—at both the local Jerusalem and national level; civil society organizations; as well as the general public interested in Jerusalem, urban planning, public policy, and human geography. The institute produces in-depth, information and knowledge-based products that enable these audiences to formulate their positions and activities in an intelligent manner with an understanding of broader connections and implications.

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    The Variety of Services the Jerusalem Institute Has to Offer:

    Evaluation Research and Project Development

    Developing evaluation and estimation tools, monitoring and control, estimating project effectiveness.

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    Strategic Consulting and Planning

    Formulating and planning policy and strategy on spatial, human, and economic issues.

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    Data Analysis

    Defining goals, data collection, analysis, and accessible results. Utilization of the research process for the benefit of the client

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