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    2023 Israel–Hamas War

    2023 - Present
    Research Type: Policy Research

    In times of emergency derived from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (wars, "operations", terrorist attacks, etc.), the identity tensions and the fundamental challenges concerning the management of the East Jerusalem area are sharpened. Since the beginning of the "Swords of Iron" war, the level of tension in East Jerusalem has significantly increased, and a series of problems have arisen in many areas - security, food supply, employment, mental distress, the lack of shelters, and more.

    On October 18, 2023, the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Studies, in collaboration with the Nauman Foundation, held a meeting discussing the different problems in East Jerusalem during the current state of war. About 100 participants took part in the meeting: activists and residents of East Jerusalem, public representatives from the east of the city, civil society organizations, researchers, and representatives of the Israeli authorities.

    The conclusion that emerged from the meeting is that all parties have a common goal to ensure that East Jerusalem does not fume during this period, which may last several months, with varying intensity. It seems that East Jerusalem is in a very delicate and sensitive state of tension, which at this stage has not yet reached a boiling point, but may be getting closer. In the explosive reality of the state of Israel, another front in Jerusalem could lead to escalation in all the other fronts and even beyond them.

    As a result, in the coming weeks, a series of meetings of the East Jerusalem Forum will be held, to deal with different aspects of the issues rising in East Jerusalem during the state of emergency. The purpose of the meetings is to gain a deeper understanding of the crisis and to formulate coping methods in order to respond to the residents, protect their rights, and prevent escalation in this sensitive front.

    After each meeting, a policy document will be formulated that will outline the problems that arise in the field for decision-makers and authorities, and will offer operative suggestions to deal with them.

    Photography: Yossi Zamir, Shatil Stock

    First Meeting

    General status update, 18.10.23

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    Second Meeting

    Jobs and Labour, 31.10.23

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    Third Meeting

    Education, 07.11.23

    Summary of the Report

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