Renting the Jerusalem Institute Conference Hall and Meeting Room

The Teddy Kollek Hall


The Jerusalem Institute conference hall and meeting room are available for rent. The place suits public or private events: conferences, seminars and meetings.

The conference hall, with more than 100 seats, is located on the ground floor of the Jerusalem Institute. The meeting room is adjacent, seating 22 seats around a large table. In the entrance, there is a flower garden and a large, inviting patio, enabling outside dining. 

The meeting hall, named after Teddy Kollek, Jerusalem’s mythological mayor who served for 28 years, from 1967 to 1993, was inaugurated in 1999. It has been widely used since then, for hundreds of conferences on a variety of subjects. It is used by the Jerusalem Institute for its own events, as well as for discussions, seminars and meetings.

Both the conference hall and meeting room are equipped with state-of-the-art electronic equipment: a projector, screen and amplification system. Our facilities are accessible for those with disabilities (but we suggest making such arrangements in advance). 

When ordering either of the rooms, we will also provide coffee and tea facilities.

For further details, please contact Idit Amir during work hours at 02-5630175, extension 11

or by email to:

We invite you to come over and take a glance at these inviting facilities. 



Price list:

Conference hall:

Day event (until 17:00) – 2,500 NIS

Evening event (from 17:00 onwards) – 3,000 NIS


Meeting room:

Day event (until 17:00) – 1,200 NIS

Evening event (from 17:00 onwards) – 2,500 NIS

A discount of 50% will be given to non-profit organizations and to our partners.