Mapping East Jerusalem Neighborhoods

Economic, Social, and Political Situation of East Jerusalem Neighborhoods

2014 - 2019
Research Type: Data Analysis

East Jerusalem neighborhoods are for the most part ‘terra incognita’ for the general public and also for the governmental authorities. This holds, despite the fact that both municipal and national authorities have to shape policy and foster the fabric and quality of life of the residents in these neighborhoods.

The Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research has initiated a multi-year research project of the East Jerusalem neighborhoods aimed at raising awareness of their economic, social, and political situation and encouraging the authorities to take significant action toward improving their situation. To this end, the Institute’s researchers are mapping the Arab neighborhoods in the city, a process that will conclude with a summary report for each neighborhood, which will also be a policy paper and contain information, data, and recommendations regarding planning, infrastructure, social and economic issues, etc. These reports are an important and primary source of information for various stakeholders. Their authors are experts in their fields, who combine qualitative and quantitative research methods, including field work, in-depth interviews with the residents, multi-participant stakeholder round tables, and the use of existing databases in government, research institutions, and companies that provide public services.

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Pub No. 528

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The Arab Neighborhoods in East Jerusalem: Ras al-'Amud

Pub No. 523

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Ras al-‘Amud is located to the east of Silwan and the Old City, south of the Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives, and north of the Arab A Sawahreh Bedouin tribal area. Ras al-‘...

The Arab Neighborhoods in East Jerusalem: Shuafat

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The Arab Neighborhoods in East Jerusalem: Shuafat Refugee Camp

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