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    Higher Education in Jerusalem: The Academic City

    Jerusalem: The leading academic city in Israel

    2008 - Present
    Research Type: Policy Research

    ‘Academic City’ is a unique initiative of the Jerusalem Development Authority together with the Israeli government, the Jerusalem Municipality, and the academic institutions in the city. Its goals are to position Jerusalem as the leading academic city in Israel and as an international academic center, to increase the demand for academic studies in Jerusalem, and to encourage young people to settle permanently in the city.
    The Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research is accompanying the Academic City initiative with research and evaluation. In the context of the evaluation research, a series of indicators were developed for monitoring the status of higher education in Jerusalem according to the objectives set by ‘Academic City’.

    The initiative aims to increase the demand for academic studies in Jerusalem and to encourage young people to reside permanently in the city through the following measures:
    • Increasing awareness of Jerusalem’s academic power, its academic advantages, and the benefits provided to students.
    • Making Jerusalem and its institutions of learning accessible to students and candidates of higher education from Israel and the world.
    • The creation of a unique study experience in Jerusalem, including a rich and diverse student community life.
    • Institutionalization of the cooperation between academic institutions, the city, and the students who live and learn in it.
    • Provision of unique benefits and services to the students in Jerusalem.