Employment Research

Introduction of New Technologies Expected to Change Global Labor Market

2019 - Present

The global labor market is expected to change significantly in the upcoming years, primarily because of the introduction of new technologies and artificial intelligence into new fields and to demographic changes such as the aging of the global population and a rise in the scope of immigration.

The Institute’s researchers in the field of employment examine the employment market, branches of employment, and the composition of the labor force and analyze the current situation and the expected future changes. The Institute’s researchers also emphasize worker productivity, quality employment, and the barriers and motivations vis à vis the integration of unique populations such as the ultra-Orthodox and Arabs in the labor force and improving their standing in the employment market. The goal of the researchers is to formulate recommendations for quality employment that will generate economic, urban, and regional improvement and development.

The Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research is a participant in strategic processes promoted by the Jerusalem Municipality for coping with the challenges of the future labor market, from the automation and disappearance of jobs to adapting curricula and employment training programs. The Institute provides the academic background, the research, data and facts, and also takes part in forming and outlining policy.