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    Publication Year: 2021

    ‘Jerusalem: Facts and Trends‘ The State of the City and Changing Trends provides an up-to-date picture of Jerusalem across a wide range of topics, including population, employment,  education, construction, and tourism. The publication is intended to present the main findings of the Statistical Yearbook of Jerusalem in an accessible manner, by means of a brief  narrative description accompanied by graphs and illustrative maps that help the reader understand developments in Jerusalem, the largest and most complex of Israel’s cities.

    The main source of the data presented here is the Statistical Yearbook of Jerusalem, which contains some 250 tables and dozens of graphs. The Yearbook is published annually by the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research and the Municipality of Jerusalem. The data that appear in the Yearbook are collected from numerous and varied sources, chief among which are the  Central Bureau of Statistics, the Municipality of Jerusalem, and the National Insurance Institute.