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Urbanism in Jerusalem

1982 - Present
Research Type: Policy Research

The issue of urbanism has been a common thread running through the work of the Jerusalem Institute for many years. As befits the Institute, urbanism is dealt with from various angles, such as urban development, local government (community centers), coping with urban challenges (such as poverty), neighborhoods in Jerusalem, and more.

Urbanism in Jerusalem has two aspects: the Jerusalem ‘below’ is a city in which its varied residents lead their daily lives, and the Jerusalem ‘above’ is a global religious, spiritual, cultural, and historical icon; it is a source of inspiration, a field of research, a laboratory, and target of influence.

In a world that is swiftly urbanizing, cities and urban spaces are major players in national and global economies, and they have a dramatic impact on economic, environmental, and social issues. It is in this context that the Institute supports the consolidation of policy principles and tools that enable the public sector to promote patterns of development and municipal administration that are based on the rational and fair use of infrastructure and resources, while taking responsibility for their economic, environmental, and social impacts. The Jerusalem Institute nurtures its activity in this field at the local, Jerusalem level, and also at the regional-national level.

It is important to note that there are other projects that deal with urbanism in Jerusalem in specific contexts, such as the 'Administrative City' (Gov.City) or the Mapping of the Arab neighborhoods in East Jerusalem.

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