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13 April

| 2011 | 00:00

Symposium: Downtown Jerusalem

  • Free
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  • Radak 20, Jerusalem
  • Free
  • Public
  • Radak 20, Jerusalem
Symposium: Downtown Jerusalem

A conference was held at the Jerusalem Institute, in cooperation with The Jerusalem Development Authority and its subsidiary Eden, celebrating the recent publication of the book:

Downtown Jerusalem: The story of Jerusalem’s city center and its regeneration

Edited by Dr. Amnon Ramon, Aviel Yelinek and Assaf Vitman.

The speakers:

Opening remarks:

– Prof. Yaacov Bar-Siman-Tov, Head of Conflict Management and Resolution Cluster, Jerusalem Institute

– Meir Kraus, Director General, Jerusalem Institute

– Moty Hazan, Director of the Jerusalem Development Authority 

– Dr. Amnon Ramon, Jerusalem Institute and Yad Yitzhak Ben Zvi:  The City Center through Jerusalemite memories, a personal and historical outlook

– Ofer Manor, Main Architect, Jerusalem Municipality: From hazard to meeting place – the development process of Jerusalem’s city center

– Lior Bar-Dor, Deputy CEO of Eden: Practical aspects of the renewal plan

– Aviel Yelinek, Jerusalem Institute: The city center’s rehabilitation from a comparative perspective – The European experiment

– Screening of a movie by Eli Abir and Aliza Ashad                              

“A price is a price” – on shops and businesses of the Jeckes in the center of  Jerusalem 

Production: Yael Arad, Rina Ophir and other volunteers of the Jerusalem Branch  of The Association of Israelis of Central European Origin