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    'Making Jerusalem Sustainable' – a Municipal and Civil Society Forum

    Integrating Principles of Sustainability in all Municipal Activities

    2015 - Present
    Research Type: Training and Forums

    'Making Jerusalem Sustainable' is an inter-organizational forum of municipal workers and civil society organizations established toward the end of 2015.

    The goal of the forum is to integrate the principles of sustainability in all municipal activities, including:

    • pooling resources in the municipality;
    • reducing bureaucracy related to the promotion of sustainability;
    • promoting the personal visibility of senior figures as role models;
    • connecting and networking activists in the field, the mid-tier, and the municipal level on issues related to urban sustainability;
    • strengthening civil society, and encouraging initiatives from the field and cooperation among them.

    The Forum serves as a platform for meetings of professionals in the field of urban sustainability in Jerusalem and enables the exchange of knowledge, experience, information, and opinion.

    The group looks to empower shared processes and leverage, unite, and integrate goals and activity resources in order to promote sustainability in all urban policy and activity spheres, in ongoing city activities, within the municipality, and also in civic activity, connecting and networking among the various organizations in the field.

    A Jerusalem sustainability month was held in the years 2017 and 2018, with a multitude of events produced by dozens of organizations each year. In addition, the members of the Forum occasionally initiate proposals and plans for discussion on the urban environmental protection committee on issues such as the promotion of professional agriculture in the city, promotion of conceptions of urban sustainability among residents and municipal workers, and more.

    Forum members include HUBITUS (the urban sustainability hub of the Botanical Gardens), the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research, the three sustainability coordinators in the Jerusalem Municipality (the Social Sustainability unit, Social Department and the Sustainable Development Department, Environmental Department), and municipal workers in Eastern Jerusalem such as the sustainability coordinator, the placemaking coordinator in the East Jerusalem CBD, and dozens of representatives of organizations.