Older and younger will stand together tomorrow on the starting line, in cold weather and rain, to run together in the Jerusalem Marathon – here are some interesting data on the age of runners that arise from the segmentation of registrants for the 2022 marathon

The data is based on a sample of 9,900 participants out of about 14,000 runners who registered for the 2022 marathon. Note that these are registrants and not actual participants – we hope that the cold weather will not deter the runners and we feel great respect for those who will show up for the run despite the stormy weather.

The sample shows that the largest group is middle-aged boys and girls (aged 15-19), who constitute 16% of the runners in the competitive tracks to 5, 10, 21.1, and 42.2 km. Most of them (54%) chose to run the 10 km track.

The 10 km track is the most popular, but who are the runners who are drawn to the longer tracks? It turns out that while the 5 and 10 km tracks attract mainly young people, the long tracks attract adults.

The most common age group in the 21.1 and 42.2 km tracks was 45-49, while in the half marathon the distribution was slightly larger – 40-54-year-olds made up 43% of the runners in these tracks, compared to 51% of the full marathon runners. Among marathon runners, there are about 11% over the age of 60 (most of them, between the ages of 60-64), and 1.4% under the age of 20.

We wish success to all runners in all age groups!