The state’s primary means of dealing with the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic is social distancing and, for those who need it, complete domestic isolation. At the time of writing, there are approximately 59,500 people staying in isolation, either because they returned from abroad, were located in the same place with a person who was later diagnosed, or were in contact with a patient.

The largest isolate numbers are located in the major cities of Tel Aviv (6,600) and Jerusalem (5,000), followed by Modi’in, Haifa and Rishon Lezion.

It is interesting to look at the number of isolates in relation to the number of residents. Localities with a particularly severe outbreak of the disease, or those whose residents travel extensively abroad, are at the top of the list. The top localities are Efrat (67 isolates per 1,000 people in the population), Kiryat Yearim (33), and Modi’in (25).

Looking at the data by districts, it is evident that the areas with the highest number of isolated persons per 1,000 are Judea and Samaria (9) and Tel Aviv (9) and Central (8) districts.

Since all returnees from abroad are required to enter isolation, it is not surprising that the higher the socio-economic character of the population, the more insulates. Thus, in communities in socio-economic clusters 1-4 (low) there are 4.7 insulated per 1,000 residents; In clusters 5-7, there are 7.4 isolated, and in the high clusters 8-9, there are 11.8 home isolates per 1,000 residents, according to the data there are currently no isolates in the two communities defined in cluster 10.

An interesting trend developed in the last few days . The number of domestic isolates per 1,000 residents slightly declined, and the gap between the clusters narrowed. It may be due to the cancellations of flights, or to the fact that it’s easier for population in higher socio-economic status to maintain social distance, for example by using a private car and not public transit, or by ordering deliveries.

Even if you are not isolated, stay at home and look after yourself and all of us. Shabbat Shalom and good health.