Research institutes and policy institutes are engaged in practical research in the spheres of the economy, society, security, the environment, health and more. The target audience for the research products is policy makers on the national and local levels, the press, and the general public. These institutes are defined as a component within the governmental ecosystem which functions as an anchor for the creation and exchange of knowledge with other ecosystem components. At times, the research and policy institutes constitute a learning space for politicians and government employees during periods when they are not serving the public, such as the “revolving door” model in Washington for legislators and regulators in research institutes.

According to data from the GuideStar database (January, 2021), there are 113 third sector organizations in Israel which are concerned with “science, research and technology,” and which have a valid certificate of proper management. Together, they employ 1,969 workers, while 31 of these bodies have no employees.

Of these 113 organizations, 45 are based in Jerusalem (39.8%), with eight of these having no employees at all. Within the 37 remaining organizations, the number of workers is 905 (45.9% of the workers in all the organizations).

Among third sector organizations in Jerusalem concerned with “science, research and technology,” the employer of the largest number of workers – the Research Fund of the Hadassah Medical Organization – is also the largest employer in this category in Israel as a whole, with 313 employees.

The next-largest employer in Jerusalem is the Israel Democracy Institute, with 97 employees, which is also the fourth-largest employer in this category in Israel.


Research, Science, and Technology Organizations in Jerusalem

Number of Employees

Research Fund of the Hadassah Medical Organization

(registered non-profit)


Israel Democracy Institute


The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

(public-benefit corporation)


Yesodot Shalom

(registered non-profit)


Hosen Yeshuot Letorat Maran Harav Kook


Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research

(registered non-profit)


Israel Science Foundation

(registered non-profit)


Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel

(public-benefit corporation)



(registered non-profit)


Center for Media Research

(registered non-profit)



The data was collected as part of the “Gov. City Project,” for the publication of “Indicators for Gov. City” which will be published in the coming months.