Building a Platform for Financing International Development in Israel

Ways to Accelerate Investments in Developing Markets

2018 - Present
Research Type: Policy Research

In July 2018, the government approved decision 4021 for the promotion of Israeli activity in the field of international development. The government is primarily examining ways to accelerate investments in developing markets and creating ways to leverage technological solutions that can be highly effective in realizing the sustainability goals of the United Nations. The primary areas of development are water supply, agriculture, nutrition, health, and education, in addition to addressing cybersecurity needs.

Governmental activity, which has already begun in the form of an inter-ministerial committee headed by the PMO, is aimed at determining the roles, activities, and financial structures required to support and bolster Israel’s role in international development. The committee is consulting with numerous bodies including Israeli and international organizations that specialize in finance and international development. As participants in this governmental process, we conducted a financial innovation laboratory with local and international leaders and experts.

The financial innovation laboratory engaged in building a platform for financing international development in Israel. The laboratory was attended by international experts in several key fields including project finance, public-private partnerships, development management, strategies for blended finance, and creating solutions for the capital markets in developing economies. After the laboratory, a comprehensive report was issued that surveyed the proposed solutions.