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    Policy Packages for Implementation

    Written by Prof. Eran Feitelson as part of Sustainability Outlook 2030

    It is increasingly apparent that policies are suffering from inadequate and ineffective implementation. Frequently a single instrument is selected for implementation without due consideration as to its efficiency or effectiveness in achieving targets and without due consideration to the political and social acceptability of the instrument. Many instruments have been found to have adverse distributional effects, whose unintended consequences were not anticipated. It is therefore essential to analyze a range of possible leading and supplementary instruments that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the measures of implementation and which would be acceptable to all the significant actors involved, without adverse unintended consequences. The combination of such instruments would form ‘policy packages’.

    Strategies relating to a top-down approach and a bottom-up diffuse approach will be analyzed with primary and supplementary policies, how to overcome barriers to their implementation and .how to enhance the acceptability of policies to relevant stakeholders.

    Policy Packages Document- Hebrew