Publication Year: 2012


Amnon Ramon

The relationship between Judaism and Christianity is unique, with Jews and Christians having a mutual affinity not seen in other religions. Christianity emerged from within the Jewish world, and like Judaism sanctifies the Hebrew Bible, regarding it as the first part of the Holy Scriptures. Among other consequences, this shared foundation has resulted in a perception of Israel as the Holy Land and of Jerusalem as a holy city and thus a major pilgrimage destination. The establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 posed great challenges, both to the churches and the state itself. The intricate and complicated relations that prevailed between the Christian world and Israel during its 62 first years are the principal focus of this book. This Summary contains 3 parts. The first regards the Israeli Policy towards Churches and Christian communities between the years 1948-1967. The second part relates to years 1967-2007. The last part examines the current relations between Israel and the Christian churches and communities.