2010 - 2012
Research Type: International Research
The TARGET project aimed to help policymakers form a strategic "road map" for their R&D policies. To this end, the Jerusalem Institute team has been was working to evaluate technological gaps, identify potential system failures, and formulate effective targeting policies. The toolkit that was created encouraged relevant policy makers and/or ministries to determine feasible interventions that lead to a functioning biotechnology system of innovation within a country or region.
The TARGET Toolkit offers a way for policymakers to work through the complexities associated with targeted policies and come up with a tailored, context specific strategy based on realistic assessments of their country or region’s resources and capacities. 

The Importance of the TARGET Project

Israel is ranked in first place among Western countries in its rate of investment in research and development relative to the Gross Domestic Product. However, as in many other countries, these investments tend to be ad hoc rather than the product of an informed and targeted procedure based on clear policy. Therefore, their full potential is not reached, nor are they as efficient as they could be.


A Focus on Biotechnology

The Jerusalem Institute, in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Science, joined forces with five European Union states – France, Scotland, Lithuania, Slovenia and Spain – to create a model that will help decision makers target their R&D investments in an effective way. The project has set for itself a focus in the field of biotechnology investments as this sector has been identified as one of the most important future growth engines. At the same time, it is assumed that the knowledge gained will be useful for other sectors as well.

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