The Jubilee Plan for the Economic Development of Jerusalem: Systems of Indicators

2017 - 2023
Research Type: Evaluation Research

The Jubilee Plan is a government program that extends the development plans for Jerusalem as defined in the growth program and in the Marom Plan. The Jubilee Plan operates from 2017 to 2022 in three main spheres: tourism, quality employment, and academia. The Jerusalem Institute is accompanying Jerusalem’s economic development plan with three types of research: collecting indicators in selected areas, in-depth studies of specific issues, and evaluation studies.

Indicator studies survey relevant indicators in various spheres year-over-year in order to facilitate tracking the developments, trends, and changes in these spheres that consider the implementation of the governmental plan. The system of indicators is meant to provide policymakers and implementers with a continuous flow of information from the field in selected spheres in order to enable them to locate in an informed manner the spheres in which intervention is required and to learn how the various programs are affecting the field. In 2019, the system of indicators will be updated in the following areas: quality employment, employment of ultra-Orthodox, tourism, and a new system of indicators will be constructed in the field of higher education. The system of indicators is being constructed with stakeholders and the implementers of the government plan in the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage and the Jerusalem Development Authority.