R2Pi - The Route to Circular Economy

2016 - 2019
Research Type: International Research

R2Pi - ‘The Route to Circular Economy’ examines a wide range of business models designed according to the principles of circular economy. The project focuses on 18 case studies of companies belonging to 6 central sectors throughout Europe and Israel. R2Pi’s research investigates the technology and economic infrastructure required by each business model, and measures each company’s environmental, business, and social performance.

Successful circular business models

The project aims to further develop and make available successful circular business models by identifying how circular systems can be implemented in environments where circular economics do not yet exist. Furthermore, the project develops policy tools to help remove the obstacles to circular economy and incentivize businesses to adopt circular business models.

R2Pi emphasizes the social aspects of circular economy, such as lifestyle, consumer behavior, producer-consumer relations and expanded corporate responsibility. The final product of the project will be recommendations for European policymakers. R2Pi will also establish platforms to disseminate the project’s findings, and will create events to connect policymakers, entrepreneurs, civil society organizations and members of the business sector.