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    Environmental Resources and Human Influences

    The protection of open space, biodiversity and habitats

    2000 - 2013

    Concern about the state and sustainability of environmental resources raised the need for further research on resources and on the driving forces affecting them. The Jerusalem Institute encouraged and published research from a wide range of disciplines relating to ecological resources (water, air, land, ecology) and to the driving forces affecting them and affecting quality of life (urban, industrial, transport, energy, extraction of raw materials and agriculture).

    Particular attention was given to issues relating to the protection of open space, biodiversity and habitats, invasive species and wildlife, areas of landscape and recreational value and the provision of parks. Research initiated or supported by the Institute was both innovative and played a significant part in policy making and decision making in Israel for nature protection, the use of forest areas, realising the value of river channels, protection of the Jerusalem hills and the management of metropolitan park areas in the central region.

    All Publications

    Underground Mining of Aggregates for the Building and Road-Paving Industry

    The Center for Environmental Policy Series | No. 27

    2007 | Authors: Amir Eidelman, David Slutsky, Amos Bein, Ran Hakla...

    It is customary to plan for the provision of raw materials for building and paving roads for a span of 40 or 50 years, and that is due to their economic importance and the necessity of ensur...

    Non-Conforming Use of Open Agricultural Areas: Manager's Brief

    2004 | Authors: Iris Han...

    Use of agricultural land for business and commercial purposes become a widespread phenomenon. It is reshaping the agricultural landscape and the country’s open areas, and is creating a reali...

    The Rule of "Red Lines" in Safeguarding the Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret)

    2005 | Authors: Eran Feitelson, Itay Fischhendler, Tsafrir Gazit...

    Urban Environmental Quality- Summary

    2005 | Authors: Israel (Lulik) Kimhi...